elevio: Product Marketing and Growth

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Go-to-Market


elevio is a SaaS product aiming to change the way companies think about the creation, delivery and improvement of customer education.

We’re a VC backed Melbourne based startup who have to date grown to serve over 500 companies worldwide with their in-app customer education efforts, ranging from fresh startups to billion dollar success stories like Atlassian, Dell, SportsIllustrated etc. With a solid product, we’re currently serving over 1.5 million help articles per month to our customers users.

So far, we’ve done this without a marketing team, or a marketing plan, but mainly relied on word of mouth / referral (clicks on “powered by elevio”). So far, things have worked out pretty well for us, but it’s time to turn things up and get someone on the team to steer the ship with our positioning, messaging, and growth engines, and help us open the floodgates.

This is where you come in. You won’t be sorting through someone else’s mess or “picking up where they left off”. Instead, You’ll be given full control over the marketing efforts from the ground up, and influence in product decisions that will help the short and long term growth of elevio.

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