Employment Hero - Chief Revenue Officer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · sales


As the Chief Revenue Officer you’ll report to the CEO and lead our revenue and growth through our Marketing team, direct B2B SaaS sales teams and other revenue streams with a focus on operations, streamlining efficient processes and removing friction within the business to execute on aggressive growth plans. Driving improvement through a cloud first mentality, utilisation of data, automation tools/software, and processes is a critical part of the role, whilst also identifying further innovations to deliver operational and growth excellence.

You will establish and refine existing foundations to enable rapid and highly efficient growth. You will be data driven and customer outcome focused. You will orientate and measure the success of all your work based on improving our customers’ experience, right across their entire journey with Employment Hero (from awareness to renewal and expansion). You’ll be aware around using tools and processes whilst being analytical in a way that produces clear success metrics.

You should be a great leader with the ability to connect with and inspire cross functional teams to create a high performance culture that drives positive changes and executes swiftly.

In this role you will responsible for the success of all aspects of our marketing, direct revenue, operational efficiency, growth strategy and scaling our SaaS business globally.

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